Santoku Knives

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You know you’ve got potential in the kitchen when you find out about Santoku Knives. For me, they took my skills to a whole new level. My vegetable chopping became quicker, and better overall. Something any decent wanna be chef or professional chef needs in their arsenal.

top chef knives looks at all knife brands to see what's good for your budget

Some of the worlds best known Brands

We’ve taken the time to painstakingly research some of the top brands, answer any questions and provide more detail that what you asked for.

Dalstrong is one of my favourite brands. If only for their flashy designs. We’ll take a look at their customer reviews and average pricing for some of their series of products.


Zelite is another contender for a favorite brand of mine. Another stedfast machine in the world of cookery and catering. Take a look at everything we could find on them.


Check out our in depth analysis of the holy world of cooking products. Despite being mainly centred in Knives I still dived in to see if you were getting a good deal.