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Axe Knives – The Barbecue Dudes Favorite

Hello, axe knives are great and today I’ve got an expert on the subject to talk you through why he likes using them so much.

Meet Tim – The Barbecue Dude

Tim started creating content on Instagram about his favorite food stuff creations. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Tim was adding photos to his feed and it just exploded from there.

Since then he’s been putting out content daily and even started up his own website.

Axe Knives

Tim’s been using Axe knives for a while now and I’ll let him step in and tell you all about them.

The Most Expensive Chef Knife – 5 That Are Worth It

Finding the most expensive chef knife is a relatively straightforward task. You’ve already done the leg work to get here.

It’s now my job to show you why each one on the list is worth it though. If you’re going to be parting with some hard-earned cash then I’d better make a good case for it.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a bar chart showing the scale of money I’m talking about.

graph of the most expensive chef knife

The Most Expensive Chef Knife I Can Find

The most expensive chef knife on the list is actually a set of knives so I’m considering it a special mention. Check it out at the end of the post.

So the first item on the list is the most expensive. Naturally, it’s Japanese.

Sayumi Burnished Mirror Finish Octopus

At just over £900 this is one of the most expensive chef knife I can find.

At 33cm long and a thickness of 4.3 at the back of the blade, you’d wonder where your money is going. Let me explain.

the most expensive chef knife i can find on amazon
Sayumi Mirror Finish

The blade is constructed from a Platinum Alloy, which is the reason why it’s so expensive.

Is platinum better than regular old stainless steel though?

Well first off, platinum is far more aesthetic for the majority of people. It’s a more attractive metal and its strength and durability make it a great material to make a knife with.

Under stress testing, Steel would come out as superior metal though. It’s an alloy that’s sole purpose in being created was to be one of the most durable resources on the planet.

But when it comes down to everyday items like the most expensive chef knife, thos stress tests wont even come close to what you need it for in the kitchen.

This knife will do an incredible job either way. Not only is it expensive, but it is pretty cool to wield too. It looks like a miniature Japanese sword, Tanto. The Tanto was used in the Japanese ritual seppuku, which was ritual suicide. Although this knife is not created for that reason, it does bare a resemblance to it.

If you decide to check this item out, click the button below to be taken to the store. I’m a participant of the Amazon affiliate program so if you decide to make a purchase, Amazon will pay me a small sum.

Next up on the list is…

Sago Blue Steel

Another entry from the same guys that made the Sayumi Octopus above.

Second, on the list is the Sago Blue Steel Bone cut 30 cm chef’s knife. It’s impressive to see two different knives on the most expensive chef’s knife top 5 made by the same people.

Goes to show you they know what they’re doing when it comes to master craftmanship.

This 30 cm full tang chef’s knife is made from Yasugi Blue steel. Yasugi steel was originally produced in Yasugi city. The factory is now owned by Hitachi but still produces this high-quality material.

The steel can be Yellow white or blue. In order, the best grade is blue, white, then yellow. Japanese knife makers tend to not use yellow as much. You can still get plenty of white steel knives but blue is the top-notch of them all.

Blue steel metal has excellent cutting performance and retains maximum sharpness. They are also fairly easy to sharpen.

One drawback to using blue steel is it has virtually no rust resistance so you will need to take extra care to keep it in its best shape.

Special Mention On The Most Expensive Chef Knife List

So this one isn’t exactly a singular chef’s knife. The special mention here is a complete set. But still, going by the price it would top the list for the most expensive chef knife if it was going to be included.

Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9 Piece Knife Block

This set is pretty special, to say the least. Not only for its beautiful appearance. But for the level of mastery behind its forging.

damashiro emperor the most expensive chef knife



Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife – A Great Kitchen Companion

Welcome one welcome all! Today I present to you the range of Zelite infinity chef’s knife.

I’m going to start this post by going into the small variations of chef’s knives that are made by zelite, so without further adieu let’s get the post rolling.

Chefs Knife

Zelite offers a wide range of kitchen apparel and what better way to start it off than with your regular everyday chef’s knife.

What Makes A Chefs Knife a Chefs Knife?

Chef’s knives are typically about 8 inches long with a standard blade width. These are the staple diets of a chef’s toolset. They’re one of the most commonly manufactured items for kitchen use.

The main feature they have is the sharp point and razor-like edge that has a slight curve on it. This curve allows a cook to execute a rocking motion you’ll tend to see when they’re furiously slicing up vegetables and the likes.

zelite infinity chefs knife with features
A Typical Chefs Knife

The curved blade is specially designed for a rocking motion. It gets the name because it is designed to do just that. From the tip, the heel, cutting the desired foodstuff in the middle of the blade.

When this technique is used there’s always one point of the knife in contact with the chopping surface at all times. This is separately a completely different technique used when using a Santoku knife, which is designed primarily for slicing in one backward motion.

With a zelite infinity chef’s knife, you get the peace of mind that the guys behind the ergonomic design have done everything they can to make it a great fit for you and your kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, the chef’s knife usually comes in at about 8 inches, there are a few other lengths available though. Depending on your personal preference, 7 inches and 10 inches are also available. Check out the links below to have a look-see.

As a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, I may get a small fee if you decide to make a purchase. If not then no worries, it’s all good.

Nakiri Chef’s Knife

It’s hard to see how a Nakiri can be called a chef’s knife when it is so different. Resembling more of a Santoku knife than a traditional chef’s knife.

zelite infinity chef's knife nakiri style blade
Awesome looking Nakiri knife

This looks more like a cleaver than a chef’s knife, but it does make a strong case to be called a zelite infinity chef’s knife.

If you’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant you’ll have more than likely seen the chef using a Nakiri knife. These knives look outstanding and make for great presents for those would-be chefs you might know harboring the urge to make something beautiful.

A Nakiri knife is usually 6 inches long. This gives the user a much higher degree of control over the cuts they make.

The main difference is the blade. A Nakiri knife will sit flat on a chopping board. A chef’s knife can rock back and forth on the curved surface of the blade’s edge.

The Nakiri is used for up and down slicing. Got long thin vegetables that need some precision cutting? Fret not dear reader for this is the perfect knife for making shapes out of things like celery, carrots, etc. I’m sure you get the picture by now.

Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife

Not gonna lie, the Kiritsuke knife looks badass. If you had one of these in your hand people would certainly know that you mean business.

zelite infinity chef's knife kiritsuke
One badass chef’s knife

Traditionally these knives are used by executive chefs, but don’t let that put you off! Their learning curve is quite difficult. And their usage is significant so it’s seen as a symbol of status.

Invite some people over. Let them watch you make short work of any kind of food and you can quote me on the above. They’ll be figuratively eating out of your hands. Not that you’d want them to do that anyway.

The Kiritsuke is a Japanese slicing knife that is primarily used for thinly slicing vegetables, fish, and fruits.

If you’re going to get a zelite infinity chef’s knife here are some tips for you to practice. They’ll help get your skill levels up a bit.

Use the tip of the knife for cutting. Japanese chefs tend to use the tip of their knives a lot more than Western chefs do. You’ll need to use the tip of the knife to make very precise clean slices.

Use the knife to pull in an upward motion towards yourself and then push away and down from you. Unless you specifically buy a curved blade there won’t be as much of the rocking motion associated with traditional chef’s knives.

Check out these super stylish Kiritsuke knives. As mentioned previously. I’m a member of the Amazon affiliate program. If you do decide to make a purchase, I’ll make a small fee on the side. If you just want to check it out then that’s fine with me too.

Lets Explore The Evolution Of The Chefs Knife

There’s never been a better time in history to be able to go out and try new food cultures. They are everywhere nowadays. You can find some of the furthest corners of your glode on an app near you.

Thinking about the explosion in food culture, there has never been so much innovation in the kitchen. Zelite infinity chef’s knives are no exception. Coming along with different types of food there are different styles of cooking:


An obvious one to start with but the Japanese do make some really good food. With regular foodstuffs such as fish and vegetables, they require knives like the Nakiri and Kiritsuke.

The chef’s knife is a more modern version of these types of knives. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Japanese kitchen without one.


Some would say the French are masters of fine dining. A chef’s knife is named after the chef. It’s a short form of the phrase “Chef de cuisine” meaning chief of the kitchen.

Possibly every cook in France would use a chef’s knife. It’s in their blood.


Another European culture powerhouse is known for its delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas are the Italians. The Italians tend to use a lot of herbs to inject plenty of flavor into every dish.


The Asians will always be a good choice for most people when it comes to trying a new culture’s food. And the Chinese are a fond favorite for most people.

A Chinese chef’s knife is less of a cleaver. They tend to be quite light so they can be used for slicing and dicing.

In The Beginning

There were cavemen. You heard me right, cavemen used to hack away at bits of flesh with pieces of flint. Roughly around 3000 BCE (Before Common Era, also known as BC) people started forging swords.

It’s from this splinter of reality that knives started to be created.

The Start Of A New Empire

This is how we end up in Germany. The modern era of producing chef’s knives can be traced all the way back to 1731. A man named Peter Henkel would stumble across what would be the beginning of a knife empire.

I bet you didn’t see the Germans coming out of this one, did you?

Despite what we think of like a French creation it was the Germans who technically created the niche you see before you.

The French did play a huge part in influencing how they are now known to be though.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. If you want more history, feel free to check out a post dedicated to Japanese knives.


Santoku Knife – Ultimate Analysis

As Auzzie man reviews would say “Here’s my santoku knife critical analysis” It’s all well and good me sitting here behind my keyboard telling you what great value for money these products are, so to do a better level of service to you all, I propose that I just show you.

I collected the data surrounding a few brands of Santoku knives and put them into a python DataFrame so I could perform some great statistical analysis.

Shut Up Already, Show Me A Graph!

graph cost per inch

You can see from the image above, you can see that Dalstrong has a long line. That’s due to the cost of the product based on its physical size. As it’s a standard 7 inches, it costs over £100 which makes the line so long. The Economy score is a measure of how much the blades cost per inch.

So technically, Shan Zu is the most cost-effective purchase standing in at £1.71 per inch. Here’s the rest of the knives and their respective values:

  1. Shan Zu – £1.71 per inch
  2. Mercer Culinary – £2.27 per inch
  3. Master Class – £2.34
  4. Sabatier – £2.85 per inch
  5. Joseph Joseph – £2.91 per inch
  6. Rustler – £3 per inch
  7. Mosfiata – £3.50 per inch
  8. Euna – £3.86 per inch
  9. Nanfang Brothers – £4.28 per inch
  10. Sunnecko – £4.28 per inch
  11. Orient – £5.57 per inch
  12. Victorinox – £6.17 per inch
  13. Zelite Infinity – £6.85 per inch
  14. Koi Artisan – £7 per inch
  15. Wusthof – £11.94 per inch
  16. Dalstrong – £17.14 per inch

Deeper Dive Into The Results

Does this mean that Shan Zu is the best knife? If you’re on a shoestring budget and you need something to stand in and do the work then of course it’ll do the job.

Continuing with the analysis, I decided to take the average star rating into account to see if that affects the order of the santoku knives I’ve listed.

To work that out I’ve used this calculation:

(Knife Size * Knife Price) / Average Stars.

The idea behind this calculation is that we already have found the cost per inch of each knife. The lower the star rating, the lower the score will be, it should give a better idea as to which knife the customers prefer.

Average Star Rating Calculation

affordability chart

There doesn’t seem to be much change at the expensive end of the results.

The cheaper end of the results has changed though. The first graph shows that the order of the best value for money knives went as follows:

  1. Shan Zu
  2. Mercer Culinary
  3. Master Class
  4. Sabatier
  5. Joseph Joseph
  6. Rustler

These 6 are the cheapest and best value for money only based on the physical properties.

Including the average star rating the order changes to:

  1. Master Class
  2. Shan Zu
  3. Joseph Joseph
  4. Mercer Culinary
  5. Sabatier
  6. Mosfiata

Why has the order changed? What does it mean in terms of affordability?

The order has changed because the trust level of the product, as rated by an average of 5 stars, changes the value. The higher the cost per inch, the lower down the table it moves.

Having something that is slightly more expensive but is trusted better means that you get a better purchase. It seems counterintuitive to buy something cheap for the sake of being cheap.

Maybe if you were to spend an extra £5 then the life span of the santoku knife would expand by more than double.

The Best Value For Money Santoku Knife As It Stands

Using the latest table of 6 Santoku knives, I’ll take a break from the analysis and introduce the top 3 Santoku knives to show you why you should buy them.

Masterclass Santoku Knife

Sitting in at the top spot for value for money santoku knives is the Masterclass 4.7-inch santoku.

masterclass santoku knife

Masterclass is a brand serving in all things culinary. They provide a huge range of equipment for cutting, slicing, dicing, grating. The list goes on.

I’m here to talk to you today about the Santoku knife in particular though so onwards we go…

At 4.7 inches and its cheap price tag, it’s the blade that topped the ranking when I calculated the price per inch. Being a relatively short kitchen knife and the shortest on the list, it’s one of the deciding factors in it coming out on top.

Interestingly enough it also comes with an edge keeper sheath so you can store it in your drawers without the edge of the blade getting nicked or damaged. Some of the relatively more expensive ones don’t have this option as standard.

The blade itself is hollow-edged, which is usually popular in busy kitchens so that food does not stick to the side when slicing.

As standard, it comes with a 25-year guarantee, so if there are any problems you run into construction-wise you’re covered!

Also comes in Paring and Chefs knife too.

Shan Zu Santoku Knife

Next up at number 2 is Shan Zu.

shan zu santoku knife

With a name like Shan Zu, it might sound odd that these are German manufacturers. To be fair, this should only lend itself even further to your trust levels given the Germanic nature of engineering and making sure that everything they do is perfect.

The handle is triple-riveted for maximum balance and precision. Another Santoku knife to feature a hollow wedged blade, not like the one before it though, this one comes in at 7 inches long at 48% more knife.

This knife came in at the top of the affordability before the star rating was added and even came in second place afterwards so this knife itself is going to be one of my top picks.

This is a great knife for a first-time buyer erring on the side of caution when it comes to stocking up on the proper utensils you’d need when it comes to making up some pretty tasty grub.

With its relatively cheap price tag, it means it’s also pretty good as a present too so you’ve got options. Especially if you’ve got a twin.

Shan Zu also sells a few different variations, check these out below.

Joseph Joseph Santoku Knife

At £2.91 the Joseph Joseph elevate santoku knife sits in third place. Not a bad choice for a bronze medal winner.

joseph joseph santoku knife

The elevate technology Joseph Joseph has implemented means that the handle is weighted so the blade won’t touch the surface when rested. A nice design in this day and age of health and safety.

Hollow edged blade adds an extra factor to the overall design of the knife so your food doesn’t stick to the edge surface of the blade when cutting.

The handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, providing an extra layer of comfort around the index finger grip so you can apply precise amounts of pressure for whatever you’re knocking up.

Joseph Joseph is a household name in the UK, they are another company that doesn’t just specifically make knives but have a huge array of products that work very well in a kitchen.

This knife also comes with a plastic sheath to keep the edge safe during storage.

User Ratings – Why Are They Important?

If we step back into the analysis, we can start to take a look at real-life reviews. The last step of the affordability calculation did include the average ratings. I did this to include a level of trust that other people have put in place. Let’s take a look at how the table would look if we went off the ratings alone.

voting graph for all the knives

From the graph above you can see a clear winner based on votes alone.

The Mercer Culinary knife is miles ahead by a factor of over 20. To have an average of 4.5 stars for something that has been rated so many times is quite impressive.

User ratings are important when considering which product to purchase. If it came down to two things you liked priced the same and one product had a one-star rating while the other had a five-star rating, I think everyone would be opting to buy the five-star rating product.

That’s because real people have taken the time to show their joy/dismay at it.

In this instance, the Mercer Culinary Santoku knife is the most voted on in the list.

Mercer Culinary Santoku Knife

At the time of writing this santoku knife has more than 38,000 votes achieving an average 4.5-star rating. 83% of purchasers have left a full-on 5-star rating, considering the scale of people that have been involved in this product’s history, it’s an extremely impressive feat.

mercer culinary santoku chef knife

Coming in at under £20 this knife is more than likely considered to be a bargain already. I mean if it lasts for 4 years, it’s essentially £5 a year to use a pretty good type of knife for that long.

A little less flashy than most of the others on the list, the handle is where the cost savings can be seen.

That doesn’t mean by any margin it’s a terrible knife. On the contrary, with so many 5 stars reviews it’s considered an excellent knife. Check out some of the things people had to say about it.

That said this is a fantastic knife with a useful handle, good edge and sturdy build. With the money you save buying this knife versus an expensive one, you could buy a honing steel or a whetstone and keep this workhorse razor sharp.

SamG – Verified Purchase Review

I’d recommend getting honing steel or whetstone to maintain sharpness. Overall a fantastic purchase overall

Final Analysis Time

For the final run at the analysis, I based the reviews and the starts and multiplied them together to generate a new table. The idea behind this is that the three products could be quite similar in the number of reviews, but differ slightly in the average rating.

For a quick and easy example, if two different products each had a thousand ratings each, but one had an average of 4 stars and the other has 5 stars then the final score would be 4,000 and 5,000. The five-star knife has a 1,000 point advantage and because people have been reviewing it consistently.

final santoku knife score graph
Final scoreline graph

I should probably start by saying that these scores aren’t the be-all and end-all of which knife is better. It’s purely based on peoples reviews.

And we can get on with the show.

I’ve already been through a few of these so I can continue with these knives in order of appearance:

  • Mosfiata
  • Dalstrong
  • Koi Artisan
  • Sabatier
  • Zelite Infinity

Mosfiata Santoku Knife

The next entry on the analysis list is the Mosfiata knife.

To show the differences between the other knives I removed the Mercer Culinary knife from the dataset and replotted based on the final score. As there are far more votes for it, and it’s already been reviewed, I can safely move on with the next on the list.

mosfiata santoku knife with sharpener

This knife comes with a metal finger guard and also a knife sharpener. Not only are you buying the knife, but you’re getting an added bit of safety and fine-tuning with it.

Amazon has a cool little algorithm that picks out pieces of text within the reviews and uses these as mentions. Some of the more used mentioned are:

  • Bought as a gift
  • Worth the money
  • Value for money
  • Well balanced

At the time of writing 81% of reviews gave it a five-star rating, which is pretty high.

The blade is a full tang which adds in balance, you can let it balance on your finger at the point where the handle meets the blade.

Dalstrong Santoku Knife

I love Dalstrong knives. Personally speaking, I’m happy spending the extra money buying their products.

This is my opinion but these are some of the finest knives mankind has ever produced. Even the packaging is cool!

dalstrong santoku knife

Surely just by looking at it, you can see why I’m so fascinated. This is just one of the knives they have to offer. You can find more Dalstrong Knives

Dalstrong calls this the ruthless vegetable assassin and for good reason too. The liquid metal pattern on the blade edge reduces drag and increases efficiency allowing the knife to effortlessly glide through your chosen foodstuffs.

All Dalstrong products come with a lifetime warranty and this knife is no different. Simply put they are so confident that you won’t need another santoku knife in your armoury.

One of the more expensive knives on the list, it sits at the top spot for expensiveness at about £120. Like I said though, I’d be more than happy to pay that kind of money for something that performs but looks great too!

Koi Artisan Santoku Knife

Next up on the list is the Koi Artisan Santoku knife, a Japanese steel high carbon Damascus style knife.

koi artisan santoku knife with vegetables

Koi Artisan uses Pakkawood which is an engineered plastic that looks like wood. Used for chefs knife handles it’s made to be resistant to everyday usage in the kitchen.

In the Q&A section they point out that this isn’t exactly a Damascus blade, the style is etched on therefore it’s more of a Damascus style knife.

Sabatier Santoku Knife

Any knife that comes with a 25-year guarantee is always having a look at. Coming in under £30 it is one the best bargain knives you could buy according to the affordability graph, placing at 5th for price per inch of the knife.

Made by Taylors Eye Witness also means you get a great home known name creating your next purchase.

sabatier santoku knife made by taylors eye witness

It’s also been around the block too, first seen in stores in 2018 it had a pretty good lifespan and over 400 ratings means it’s been tried and tested by a good number of people.

Again, I think this would be a great purchase for somebody as a gift, it looks great, it’s within a decent budget and people would certainly appreciate a warranty such as the one this knife comes with.

Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife

Zelite is another one of my favourites when it comes to branded knives. I’ve always heard it’s not nice to have favourites. I always thought that was for children and pets though.

Throughout the analysis, Zelite has been lurking in the middle of everything. Not too cheap, not too expensive. Not rated as many times as other knives but it does have an average 5-star rating though.

zelite infinity santoku knife

88% of people that have purchased this knife have given this a 5star rating. Which is probably one of the highest subsets of 5 stars among the list.

Amazon mentions include:

  • Good quality
  • Super sharp
  • Excellent quality
  • Highly Recommended

Cutting vegetables and meat with this knife is easy, but the true test for any chef and his/her knife comes in the form of herbs. I was able to effortlessly slice basil leaves down to the cutting board with no bruising or tearing, dicing it very fine with ease. This, again, in stark contrast to the knife I owned previously which this replaced.

Matt – Verified Purchase Review

Next to Dalstrong, the Zelite brand is one of my all-time favourites. This santoku knife is a bit plain on the eye but the excellent quality and foresight put into it make it a fantastic purchase.

Just under £50 for it, it’s less than 50% of the cost of a Dalstrong. But it’s still a great knife to work with.

Tips For Buying A Santoku Knife

Choosing a knife might be easy for some people. I’m a big, big fan of Dalstrong so I’d be more than happy to pay the extra money to get one.

But if you’re a more discerning customer, you’d be better off looking at the finer details. I’ll go over the reasons that make a Santoku knife a santoku knife so you can sleep tight knowing you’ve made the best purchase possible.

What Does Santoku Mean?

the word santoku directly translated means “three primary virtues”.

There are two different camps when it comes to what it means. Some say it’s meat, vegetables and fish. Others say it means chopping slicing and dicing.

I don’t think either is wrong, the true meaning has been lost to the sands of time so whichever one you adopt will be right for you.


Santoku knives are generally shorter than chefs knives or Nakiri knives, generally speaking, they’re in-between 5 and 8 inches long.

When it comes to size, smaller means lighter. A santoku knifes lighter weight means more control and makes it easier to handle.

Japanese Vs Western

The original santoku is Japanese and due to its popularity has been adopted by chefs and home cooks the world over. The west has taken the design and tweaked it slightly to make it their own.

Saying that the designs can change some minimal details that alter the way the knife can be used.

Japanese is usually heavier than western steel so they tend to be more favoured in a professional capacity.

Materials Used In Construction

Santoku knives are normally constructed using stainless steel. They do also come in ceramics or high carbon.

Some of the most attractive knives are made from layered steel known as Damascus steel. When buffed down the ripple effect the layers of steel make is pretty impressive.

Hollow Edged Blades

You’ll probably have noticed some of the knives have dimples across the blade edge. What possible use could this provide other than a minor weight reduction? Well, the dimples are called hollow blades.

The slight drop in the edge of the blade provides a non-stick element and the food you are slicing won’t stick like it might do a chefs knife. As the blade height on a santoku knife is typically a lot higher there’s more chance for your food to stick to the side.

Western technology is at its finest right there.

Not quite what you were looking for? Try my page dedicated to Dalstrong Knives

I’m also open to doing analyses for other bloggers without the required skill. I recently made an image for Lara at Survivalwithnolimits. Suggesting how confident people are when it comes to unarmed combat with different types of animals.

Get in touch if you’d like me to create something unique for you too.


Japanese Knives – An Uber Guide

Welcome one, welcome all. Here we have everything you’d want to know about Japanese knives.

To start off with, it’s always going to be best to go over a brief history lesson first. Japanese history is a long bloody one. The Japanese were at war with each other for over 700 years of almost non-stop fighting.

The Beginning Of History

Japanese knives arguably come from Japanese swordsmen, it’s something that was created for showmanship and status but now in the most peaceful moments of Japan’s history, they are a work of art.

The history of swordmakers has been passed down and now some of the world’s best blades can be considered of Japanese origin. Some of them look just incredible.

Sword History

One of the most well-known Japanese swords in the katana, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t actually heard of one. Even if you took a wild stab at a guess you’d probably get it quite close.

The Katana is one of the more well-known swords but there are plenty more that the Japanese made.


A sword with a curved blade that was longer than 60cm. The swords could be longer and had no real upper limit to how long they could be but generally speaking, they were shorter than 90cm.

They were developed from a Sasuga which was a kind of Tanto blade. Worn with the blade edge facing upwards in the sash. The Katana became the mainstream sword replacing the Tachi from the 15th Century.



Not quite what you were looking for? Check out our pages on something else if you’re interested.

Check out my Santoku knife analysis if you fancy some hardcore graph making.

Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon Knives – The Ultimate Guide

Kuhn Rikon knives are part of the parent company Kuhn Rikon, they do make some really good quality things, today though, I’ll be focussing on the knives division and showcasing as many of the knives that they do in one big place.

Let’s get down to it!

How good are Kuhn Rikon Knives I hear you ask? I saw in the blurb you know not of them?

In the culinary world they are a bit of a lesser known brand, but have been in business for nearly a hundred years. Just before the war started.

Kuhn Rikon mix affordability with safety and style. Its got to be said that these will be some of the most colourful things you’re about to see in the kitchen.

Mezzaluna Knife

To kick start the guide off I’d like to make a slight detour from what you might be thinking. If you had chefs knife in mind already then don’t be disappointed.

This bad boy slices up pizzas!

Not a great deal of people know what a mezzaluna knife is and thats essentially what it is, a pizza knife.

The handle is made of tough plastic, so you can give that pizza what it deserves.

The blade is Japanese stainless steel and comes with a safety sheath, for safety obviously.

There is the possibility of getting a cheaper mezzaluna knife, but not by much, if you want a seamless kitchen check out the rest of the guide and start a collection!

Kuhn Rikon Colori+ 3 Piece Knife Set

The Colori+ is a non stick stainless steel set that feature ultra sharp, hand-ground Japanese stainless steel blades. That are meticulously manufactured for the best results.

The colours on sale are red, teal and purple as seen in the image.

kuhn rikon knives

You get pretty much everything you need in a kitchen knife set, a small serrated edge knife, a paring knife and a chefs knife.

All three of these can serve as a basic utility operations kit for those going into kitchen combat.

Kuhn Rikon Funky Fruity Paring Knife

Imagine having a paring knife that you could spot from the other end of the galaxy? It’s not that bright, but you catch the metaphor though right?

These paring knives come in a bunch of fruity flavours and would be a cool addition to a kitchen, perhaps even a present for that wannabe chef you know?

kuhn rikon knives colori+ paring knife

See what I mean? These brightly coloured fruit destroyers will have you slicing up a pear in no time! It’s not like you’ll be able to lose it in a drawer or anything!

Kuhn Rikon Non-Stick Bread And Baguette Knife With Safety Sheath

Self declared as the ultimate bread knife, Kuhn says that this will slice even the thickest of crusts.

I love that word crusts. Makes me think of fresh warm bread with melted butter on, oh its glorious!

It features an easy grip ergonomic handle that helps you maximise leverage and prescision.

Why Choose Kuhn Rikon?

Not quite what you were after? Check out our other guide on Japanese Knives

Global Knives

Top Global Knives of 2021 – 5 Awesome Knives

You’re in luck! Today you’ve found the top global knives that I could find for sale.

What drives a chef to be a great user of knives, perhaps by using great knives? If you inquire, what makes a fine meal, well my answer will be again a great knife.

Why would we show you top global knives?

A good quality knife indeed makes a chef comfortable. Trust is all you want, especially while cooking. When you trust your knife that it won’t miss its mark, then everything goes perfect.

Knives all depend on the handgrip of the user, which must fit thoroughly into their hands to work more accurately with it. Chopping, slicing, formally dicing diverse foods requires a proper knife. You may have experience just merrily cutting and hacking at things, but you can’t get any better with cooking if you don’t have better tools.. 

After considerable consultation and much research, we have brought exquisite knives that we call Global Chef knives. The global cook’s knife is a razor sharp knife that can handle any job in your kitchen. Whether you are cutting food or meat, you won’t feel any difference in it. 

Global 35th Anniversary Special Edition Pro Chef’s Knife with 19cm Fluted Blade – Cromova 18 High Carbon Stainless Steel

Global 35th-anniversary special edition pro chef’s knife is one of the best manufacturers of global edition. It is a super sharp blade with a super handle.

top global knives 19cm chef knife

The best thing about the global 35th-anniversary special; edition knife is that it is very lightweight. The lightweight makes it very comfortable in hands. The bevelled to it is very narrow and very acute angle is one of the reasons for its sharpness.

Global 35th-anniversary special edition pro chef’s knives comprise high carbon stainless steel. The 18 high carbon stainless steel makes everything easy. The acute 15cm cutting edge makes sure that it remains sharp. This is one of the best global paring knives that you can get. 


  • The 18 High Carbon Steel provides an aesthetic value to the knife
  • It is very durable and long-lasting


  • Some feedback showed bending, but that is an infrequent case.

Global GF-35 Chef’s Knife, 30 cm

It is a 30 cm long beauty that brings cheffing into the limelight. The Global GF-35 is one of the highly-rated global chef knives, it has a perfect edge.

top global knives chef knife

It’s made with Japanese steel and the size of the Global GF-35 has a great size. This knife makes every slices piece, sliced perfection. 

The Global GF-35 has 18 stainless steel. It is one of the most rigid knives in global manufacturers. The hollow weight handle works perfectly with an excellent grip.

It has a standard global design, so there is no doubt about it. Global GF-35 is a professional knife so buy it for your quick kitchen stuff. 


  • Beautiful, sharp design
  • Rust resistant


  • The handle may create a problem for small hands.

Global GF-33 Chef’s Knife, 21 cm

If you want a perfect knife for every kitchen task, a global GF-33 chef knife is the best alternative you can get. It is not one of those knives which are made for only professionals.

You can easily use it in your home kitchen. The drop-forged blade makes the knife sharp. The Japanese blade takes the global GF-33 knife into the most workable knives. 

top global knives

The global GF-33 knife comprises a 21 Cm blade. It is a perfect size for ordinary use as well as for professional use. Whether you cut meat or vegetables, you won’t feel any difference.

This is one of the ideal choices for many chefs and you will be delighted with the best global chefs knives, the GF-21. 


  • It is a professional and everyday chefs knife
  • Very easy to sharpen


  • The edges can get damaged easily 

Global CM729 Ni Oriental Chef’s Knife, 20 cm

If you want perfectly balanced precision while you use a knife, the Global CM 729 Ni Oriental Chef’s knife is ideal for it. It has sleek, sharp edges with a sharp design that is forged with excellent engineering.

This chef’s knife is a complete joy to use, everything you cut with it will feel like butter. 

global chefknives

Global Ni oriental is an excellent product of the global edition. It feels alive in your hands. It is not that heavy. You can lift it and move it very quickly. It is 210g which is ideal for every experience.

The hollow weighted handle of Global Ni Oriental provides excellent comfort. This Japanese blade will never disappoint you, it’s one of the best Global chefs knives for your kitchen. 


  • Fabulous Japanese design
  • Lightweight


  • It is not for beginners

Global 3 Piece Knife Starter Set (G-2,GS-5,GSF-15)

Are you looking for some essential knives for your home kitchen? Well, there it is. The Global three-piece knife starter set contains global G-2 GS-5 and GSF-15.

This is the all rounder set that you need for your kitchen. As the global always pursues the best quality materials of this set as well. All three knives are of excellent quality which performs very well in every situation. 

top global chef knives 3 set pack

The global G2 is a paring knife that is very handy in many daily routines. You can use it for cutting, slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables without any trouble. The Global GS-5 is the best global vegetable knife.

You can easily cut down any vegetable into perfect pieces. The Global GSF15 is a professional knife used to chop, slice and dice your meats into any shape your imagination can come up with.

All you need is the global three-piece knife starter set for your home. You will never find better global chef knives than the global three-piece knife starter set. 


  • Best home knives set
  • Looks great in the kitchen 


  • The G-2 sometimes bends.


A chef always requires better sharpeners to sharpen their knives. But when you are getting knives that don’t need any sharpeners, you only use them in your kitchen. All these knives that we have mentioned are of top quality. Global chef’s knives always created and forged some excellent quality knives. Many master chefs admire them. If you want for yourself, click on their links and order the best one for yourself. Believe me, and you will enjoy it. 

Chiefly when anyone leads into the kitchen, they invariably look for the knives. After they have a knife, they perhaps start their cooking from it. In particular, you need an excellent knife for your cooking. The Global chef’s knife is recommended by top chefs worldwide for any work like peeling, filleting, dicing, chopping, cubing, slicing. Everything you do with global knives will be like a piece of cake in front of you. 

Today we have brought 5 knives right in front of you. These are the top global chef’s knives of 2021, in my humble opinion. Each of them is ideal for your kitchen so choose the best one according to you.

Not what you were looking for?

Try our page about Dalstrong knives if you fancy something cheaper

You could also have a gander at the Zelite page to see what ranges they have to offer.

Knife Block Sets

Knife Block Sets – 10 Of The Best

I’ve collected some great looking knife block sets. This collection is pretty much in 2 halves not exactly in 2 big chunks, it’s kind of higgedly piggedly but I think the order never really matters.

There’s some cheap ones and then theres the expensive ones. I’m talking about the ones that look like they’ve been made for kitchen warriors about to appear on a Tv chef show.

On a Budget?

Nuovva 5 Piece Acrylic Knife Block With Stainless Steel Knives

Kick starting the budget Knife block sets is the Nuovva 5 Piece set.

The clear acrylic block lets you see the knives in all their glory and the copper finish adds an extra layer of style. If you’ve got some copper pots knocking about then you’re in luck from our number one spot they’ll still look fantastic.

nuovva kitchen knife block set

Heres what you get:

  • Acrylic Knife Block
  • 20 cm Chefs Knife
  • 20 cm Bread Knife
  • 12 cm Vegetable Knife
  • 10 cm Paring Knife

Do you need this knife set? Despite its clearly stylish nature, its pretty much everything you’ll need in a kitchen.

Its is one of the sets at the cheap end and above all there’d be a bit of upkeep and it would need to be considered when buying something like this.

It has every type of knife that would suit anyones needs in deciding which knife block sets to buy.


  • You have to admit, they look pretty cool
  • Cheap, for something to look this good, you’d think they would be more expensive


  • Copper might not be your thing, does come in different colours for betting style matching

In comparison to a budget friendly knifes block set, lets see what one with a hefty price tag would look like.

Global G-636/7B 7 Piece Knife Block Set

Considering its rather complex name Global comes with a serious ask for your money. At over £300 for this set, you’d probably think I joking if I said theres actually another at twice the price.

But I’m not

global kitchen knife block set

So what do you get with this? It’d be fair to say theres more to the story than just a knife and i’ll get round to it.

  • Stainless Steel Knife Block
  • 8 cm Peeling Knife
  • 11 cm Utility Knife
  • 14 cm Vegetable Chopper
  • 15 cm Flexible Utility Knife
  • 21 cm Cooks Knife

So why the price tag? Well Global is a Japanese brand, as history has taught us they are masters at crafting superior blades. Even these days this still bears some resemblance. They pay attention to even the smallest details.

Global knives are used by professional chefs including, Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre and Michel Roux Jr so when they’re endorsed by the best, they come with a price.

Then again, they are one of the best.


  • Considering the price tag, these are some finely tuned blades with hundreds of years worth of knife knowledge being used to make each one
  • Fantastic set of knives, some would say they are totally worth the money


  • Expensive for a wannabe chef

I’ll take another budget please Carol

The reference might be lost to some of you but it’s not funny if you have to explain it.


Blackmoor Home 5 Piece Knife Set with Block

On to another budget set, and one that’s usually under £30.

The Blackmoor home 5 piece knife block set as, in the title comes with 5 knives and a cool looking grey marble knife block to match to boot.

blackmoor knife block sets, 5 piece

These stainless steel marble coating makes them non-stick for easy cleaning., it happens to make them lightweight and easy to handle when chopping, slicing or dicing your favourite ingredients.

Just in case you were wondering, they are also dishwasher safe too so it makes cleaning even easier when you let a machine do it for you.

This set comes with:

  • 3 individual 8 inch chefs knives, one for carving, one for bread and one for general use
  • 5 inch paring knife for bigger vegetables
  • 3.5 inch paring knife for finer vegetable and attention to detail tasks
  • Matching knife block

Why would you want to choose a knife block set thats under £30?


  • Cheap, not difficult to justify as a long term purchase
  • Cheap, not difficult to justify replacing or gifting to someone in need of a knife block sets


  • Marble coated blades chip easier therefore reducing overall lifespan quicker.

Let me see a more budget friendly knife block set

A little more discrete than the other knife block sets I’ve shown you so far however not that you’d have anything to be ashamed of by them.

Aicokk Kitchen Knife Set – 6 piece Small Knife Set

Aicokk have a relatively low cost solution for people looking for knife block sets. Stylish, too don’t forget. With a shiny edged lacquered knife block, it sits at an angle with a chrome handle being used a rest.

aicokk kitchen knife block sets

Only recently released it only has 2 ratings at time of writing and both of those ratings are 5 out of 5 stars. A 100% rating is still nothing to sniff at though.

What would make you want these knives in your kitchen though?


  • Cheap, not bank breaking and they would fit in neatly in any kitchen
  • Fantastic gifting material for anyone that thinks they could go for the iron chef title


  • With only a few ratings, the reliability might not be maintained for long

This knife block set would be the top chef knives giftable seal of approval.

Lets double back, I can feel you want to empty your wallet on something flashy

A little less pricey than the Global knife set mentioned earlier but still up to 6 times more expensive than the cheapest one here but let us have a look at some of the features they have.

Nanfang Brothers 9 Piece – Damascus Knife Block set

Nanfang brothers has a offering from the gods to behold.

Check this bad boy out.

nanfang brothers knife block sets

Gotta love a Damascus knife, they do look super gorgeous but don’t let me stop you, here’s another image to feast your eyes on.

Lets talk about what comes with this sweet sweet set.

  • Wooden knife block
  • 8 inch chefs knife, cutting knife, bread knife
  • 7 inch santoku knife
  • 5.5 inch utility knife
  • 3.5 inch paring knife
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Stay sharp knife sharpener

Each produced set comes with a lifetime warranty, they have a customer service mission that they feel they have to complete.

Dr Phibes, an Amazon reviewer and apparently a doctor, says that he had his last Nanfang brothers set for 10 years and only just felt the need to replace it until he just bought the one mentioned, he even goes on to say that it’s a bargain coming in at the price it’s listed for.


  • Superb construction
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • A little expensive for beginners

Onto another on the high life end of the scale. I’ve found another superb looking set that is bound to turn any kitchen into a place of food worship.

Robert Welch Signature Oak Knife Block Set

In the title description for this knife block set there’s also “MULTI AWARD WINNING DESIGN” in massive letters just like I’ve done here.

Robert Welch has created an award winning design that has captured the hearts of critics the world over.

Not only do you get a stunning wooden block but you get some full tang knives that are injection moulded for full strength!

You need to know the different types of knives this otherworldly kitchen set comes with therefore you’ll find below piece by piece.

  • 23 cm carving knife
  • 22cm bread knife
  • 18cm cooks knife
  • 11 cm santoku knife
  • 14 cm kitchen knife
  • Two 10 cm paring knives, Vegetable/Paring


  • Wide array of different utility blades maximises choice
  • Stunning design in both knives and block alike


  • You need to buy a separate sharpener

6 knife block sets down, 4 to go. We’ll skip over them one for one from now on and my next recommendation will be a budget knife block set but this will be one of the more expensive ones on that scale.

Home Hero 17 Piece Kitchen Knives Set

Home hero has a great catalogue of all things cookery. This particular knife set fits right into the knife block set category

home hero kitchen knife block sets

The home hero knife set comes as standard with a clear acrylic knife block to house all the utensils that comes with your purchase.

All constructed out of stainless steel, everything is coated in a non stick paint to make every edge the best for slicing, dicing or chopping without having to worry about anything else.

The set also comes with a pizza slicer, a peeler, meat scissors and a sharpener.

I did mention that it was on the higher end of the scale but if you look at it mathematically each piece would cost roughly £2.50(ish) when not on sale.

So mathematically, its one of the best budget knife block sets I’ve been able to show you so far.

In this set you’ll find:

  • 6 steak knives
  • Chefs knife
  • Bread knife
  • Carving knife
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife
  • Cheese knife
  • Pizza knife
  • Meat scissors
  • 2 stage knife sharpener
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Acrylic knife block stand

Since they’ve included the knife sharpener, your set will last even longer!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Well reviewed product by the community


  • Cheap, wont stay sharp for long and needs separate honing steel

These have been available since 2020 and have had over 25,000 reviews with the majority leaving an average 4.7 star rating. Statistically, this a very good value for money purchase.

InciR, an amazon reviewer says:

Excellent value for money. I’m very pleased with my purchase. I have a bit OCD

Actual Amazon review

Dalstrong 18 Piece Knife Block Set – Gladiator Series

I’ve mentioned Dalstrong before, I have a few pieces with some of their products and they’re some of my favourite knives out there. Notably they are some of the more expensive knives but on the flip side, not as expensive as some of the really expensive ones therefore a nice mid range product.

Over 75,000 professional chefs and home cooks alike trust the Dalstrong brand to serve their culinary needs.

All knives are triple riveted for high levels of durability, in fact no expense has been spared when it comes to ergonomic design.

The knife block is made from solid Acacia wood and is designed to be as space saving as possible. It even houses the honing steel sharpener.

Inside this set you’ll find:

  • 9 inch Carving knife
  • 9 inch Bread knife
  • 8.5 inch Kiritsuke chef knife
  • 8 inch Chef knife
  • 7 inch Santoku knife
  • 7 inch Nakiri knife
  • 6 inch Boning knife
  • 6.5 inch Utility knife
  • 6 inch Serrated utility knife
  • 5 inch Steak knives x 6
  • 3.5 inch Paring knife
  • 2.75 inch Birds beak paring knife
  • 10 inch honing steel


  • Superb quality and incredible value for money over the long term
  • Large array of equipment to suit any kind of chef


  • A tad on the expensive side, not exactly a con if you have money to spare

Each edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 16-18 degrees per side maintaining a strong balance between sharpness and giving maximum resilience.

For my last budget knife block sets offering I give to you a household name.

Morphy Richards Accents 5 Piece Knife Block Set

Morphy Richards is another company on the list that sells a wide variety of goods, they’ve branched out into the kitchen and have remained a staple diet of the UK’s consumer goods for a long while now.

morphy richards 5 piece knife block sets

Simple, stylish and effective is most likely what they are aiming for. Polished stainless steel construction means these knives are durable and ergonomically designed to fit into any home.

The block also come in a number of different colours to suit your home. They have red, translucent black, stainless steel, white and a wood effect block.

Lets check out the nitty gritty:

  • Bread knife
  • Chef knife
  • Slicing knife
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife

If you’re a smart cookie (and since you’re here i can bet you are) you’ll register the product online to receive 5 years warranty in total. You get one years guarantee as standard


  • Great colour selection of blocks to help fit in with your home lifestyle
  • All made from one piece of steel


  • Requires additional extras to keep them maintained to a high level

We’re nearing the end of the list now and with one final space for the high end brand knife block sets left I’ll make sure it’s a good one.

Wusthof Messerblock 6 Piece Knife Block Set

Wusthof is a powerhouse in the culinary world, they sell a single pair of scissors that costs double what one of the budget sets do. It’s safe to say they know their craft and their target audience well.

I bet you’re thinking “Wow, that is a sexy sexy knife block” and you’d be right to say that too. But at nearly £900 most people would rather spend the money on the latest smartphone than a set of perfectly constructed kitchen knives that will most likely last a lifetime.

Unfortunately i cant read German as the listing is in their native tongue. Not quite sure why it’s on an Amazon uk site but its there for you to look, but not touch.


  • Will last you and your children their lifetimes.
  • Will make people green with envy


  • The price tag
  • The listing is in German.

Not what you were looking for so try these instead:

Dalstrong Knives

Zelite Knives


Zelite Infinity Series – Alpha Royal

Zelite Infinity Series

The Zelite Brand is considered to be a known name in the cooking world and they bring to us the Zelite Infinity Series of Kitchen Knives. With hundreds times more reviews on Amazon than any other manufacturer they truly do go that one step further.

They honestly believe that a knife isn’t just for Christmas as they all come with a 15 year warranty or your money back! Now that’s putting some serious faith into your products.

Many of the knives in this range are actually a lot cheaper than brands such as Dalstrong or Global and also have a price range similar to Wusthof but just have such a huge fan base it’s difficult to ignore.

Introducing Zelite Infinity – Alpha Royal Series

The Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Series of Kitchen knives is certainly one to behold. They look kind of similar to the Dalstrong Shogun Series but are, as in the name more “Elite” Check out the table below to compare the knives i’ll cover.

NameWeightDimensionsHardnessNo. Of Layers
Utility Knife
141g27 x 2 x 2.6 cm6166
Paring Knife59g20 x 1.6 x 1.2 cm6167
Chefs Knife227g32.9 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Santoku Knife281g31.8 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Bread Knife281g32.9 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Boning Knife141g27 x 2 x 2.6 cm6167

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Utility Knife

Setting the new standard for kitchen knives, Zelite have crafted the Petty utility knife, adding any style and refinement to any kitchen.

The petty knife is similar in style to a paring knife but more a traditonal style Japanese knife, slightly larger but commonly used for the same things.

Made from “Ultra Premium Japanese Steel” You’ll understand why these knives come at somewhat of a cost. Bust still not the most expensive knives out there. You do get what you pay for and with this knives superb edge retention, you wont be sharpening every day.

As with all the knives in the Zelite Infinity Series, the handles are triple riveted and are comprised of a military grade material to give you a proper feel of what you’re doing.


  • Superior Quality,
  • One of the cheaper knives in the range


  • May only last up to 4 months before it requires sharpening

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Paring Knife

The paring knife, like it’s Japanese cousin the petty utility knife is used for the smaller, more precise tasks in the kitchen.

zelite infinity series paring knife

With it.s short, sharp blade, peeling and getting seeds from peppers is a laughable task in the face of this destroyer of vegetables.

This baby is razor sharp and has a 4 inch spear point on it with a non stick blade to make sure you can get the most done out of your cooking. Made from 66 layers of Damascus steel, its one of the strongest blades in the infinity range.

The Zelite infinity paring knife is liquid nitrogen tempered ensuring long lasting cutting performance.


  • Superior Quality,
  • One of the cheaper knives in the range,
  • Unrivalled accuracy


  • Looks flashy,
  • Could be too small to use for a lot of things

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Chefs Knife

Not only will people be wowed by your pretty sweet cooking, they’ll be in awe at the sheer beauty of this zelite infinity chefs knife. The alpha royal series has made this into a very desirable blade indeed.

zelite infinity chefs knife

Made from premium imported AUS-10 Japanese steel, this 67 layered Damascus has a triple riveted handle which is what sets it apart from it’s rivals!

Ergonomically designed with a finger guard, safety is a key feature for this super sharp 8 inch beast!

The zelite infinity series has a flagship knife and this is it. For most of your kitchen tasks this knife can excel, it wont let you down.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife

Here is another fine example of what this brand can achieve. The zelite infinity santoku knife stands head and shoulders above the rest looks wise, and it performs too!

zelite infinity santoku chefs knife

It has minimal slicing resistance, satisfying heft, full tang & premium materials! Also liquid nitrogen tempered to give it a rock hard finish that also protects from staining.

Although heavier, the added width at the top of the blade means that getting through those tougher things are now no problem, the dimples across the side give it that non stick part to what you would come to expect from the zelite infinity series.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Alpha Royal Bread Knife

The bread knife, how simple a blade that would be overlooked in so many kitchens. But this zelite infinity series bread knife can make light work of even pineapples and tough fruits just like it.

zelite infinity bread knife

So not just for bread.

But if you do like making your own bread or like cooking up fruit salads etc then this is an addition you would be proud to own.

The blade depth is larger than most bread knives you’ll come across, and zelite have made using this one pleasurable experience.

Made from high grade high carbon steel, this bread knife is corrosion resistant so if you are chopping fruits your knife is gonna last.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Boning Knife

If you’re a fish lover then the zelite infinity series boning knife will definitely be at hand to step in and give you a hand with things.

zelite infinity boning knife

The boning knife has a much thinner blade than most knives, giving it the ability to slide through meats with bones allowing you to prepare perfect meat every time.

The curved tip of the blade allows for an enhanced single pass cut when dealing with soft meats.

The boning knife has a blade edge of 12-15 degrees giving you the maximum advantage when butchering your meats. This little baby would be perfect to accompany you on a camping trip, for all those who love to forage.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic value for money,
  • Excellent for fish lovers


  • Suitable for seasoned cooking skills

Why you should have bought these already

The zelite infinity series – alpha royal is a superb looking set of knives. They simply ooze style.

While you will have to pay for them in terms of somewhat steep costs, they will look after you in the kitchen.

These knives have hundreds upon hundreds of 5 star ratings on amazon. Hundreds of people couldn’t be wrong could they?

Can’t find what you were looking for? Try these instead: