Chopping Boards

If you’re embarking on a cookery quest then you’ll need something to chop your meat and veg on. You cant go round chopping stuff up on the side of your toaster, it’s just not very practical. You’ll need to choose from a great selection of chopping boards.

So here are some chopping boards that will make your knife set look like they belong next to all the other utensils you have scattered about the kitchen like a wingless magpie.

Best Chopping Boards of 2021

I’ll kick start the article with a household name, Joseph Joseph.

Joseph Joseph 3 Board Nest

Starting it off with a bang! These Joseph Joseph nested chopping boards are stylish and functional. Like a Russian doll they nest inside each other and the chute not only serves as a funnel to help you pour your vegetables, but also a stand when they’re clean and dry.

joseph joseph chopping boards

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What To Look For In A Chopping Board

You might think it would be easy just going out and buying a chopping board and you’re probably right. I’ll just make things even more confusing for you by adding in some key factors to take in mind when buying the best chopping board you can find.

Hygiene And Cleanliness

It was once thought that wooden chopping boards weren’t as goos as plastic ones. Food hygienists used to claim that the porous nature of the wood would harbour harmful bacteria and let it grow.

They said that because the boards made of polypropylene this wouldn’t be an issue. Since then though at team of scientists found that the above statement isn’t exactly true.

In 1994 they infected the surface of wood and plastic chopping boards with e-coli, salmonella and listeria. Their study concluded that wooden chopping boards retained 98-99% less bacteria than their plastic counterparts.

Even my own mammy used to tell me wooden chopping boards were unsafe because of festering bacteria. Turns out she didn’t get the memo.

The pros and cons of different types of chopping boards



Most plastic chopping boards are dishwasher safe. Thanks to their construction design they can withstand some pretty intense heat therefore the 90 degree wash of your dishwasher means nothing to their out layers.

They’re lightweight and easy to manouver and can come in a wide variety of different colours and styles meaning you can easily find one to fit into any style of kitchen.


As they are lightweight, it makes them prone to slipping. Lets face it, a chopping board slipping while you’re holding a knife sharp enough to slice through paper is a bit of a daunting thought.

Knife marks on the surface are more apparent on a plastic chopping board, they can look a bit unsightly very quickly and you might need to replace it a little sooner than some other types. Not very eco friendly as plastic is the enemy of the sea.



You’ll find some silicone in various shapes with funnels at the end of them. The design in silicone means that it’s easy enough to make into complex shapes and still be sturdy enough to complete the tasks it needs to.

Its also very easily recyclable, great for the environment too!

Professional chefs love them for their non slip properties and knife cushioning abilities.


As manufacturers haven’t braced the silicone love properly yet, it’s still relatively expensive compared directly to plastic. Thats not to say that you wont find a good deal somewhere though.

Silicones soft surface isn’t as well protected against knife movements as well as other types of boards. There are some high end boards with a great deal of thickness that are better at protecting the board itself from knife damage.



Looks great in almost any kitchen. The level of sturdiness provided by a wooden chopping board means you can do all levels of slicing, dicing and chopping with relative ease and minimal damage.

Wood wont blunt your blades as fast either, if you go for an end grain board they effectively absorb some of the pressure from knife marks and it will still look awesome unlike a plastic board.


Cheap boards are likely to fall apart very quickly and you’ll have to replace it again. Sometimes spending that little bit of extra money means your new board will outlive the potential life of a cheap one by 10 times over, saving you money in the long run.

Some of the larger boards are pretty heavy and wont be as easily portable around the kitchen. Depends on how strong you are in your abilities to carry a heavy board with loads of chopped food atop of it.


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