Chopping Boards

If you’re embarking on a cookery quest then you’ll need something to chop your meat and veg on. You cant go round chopping stuff up on the side of your toaster, it’s just not very practical. You’ll need to choose from a great selection of chopping boards.

So here are some chopping boards that will make your knife set look like they belong next to all the other utensils you have scattered about the kitchen like a wingless magpie.

Best Chopping Boards of 2021

I’ll kick start the article with a household name, Joseph Joseph.

Joseph Joseph 3 Board Nest

Starting it off with a bang! These Joseph Joseph nested chopping boards are stylish and functional. Like a Russian doll they nest inside each other and the chute not only serves as a funnel to help you pour your vegetables, but also a stand when they’re clean and dry.

joseph joseph chopping boards

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