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Dalstrong Knives – A 2-Part Massive Guide

Show Me Some Dalstrong

I love Dalstrong Knives, they are some of the fanciest looking knives on the market. If you’re into that sort of thing then keep on reading.

Is Dalstrong A Chinese Company?

No, Dalstrong is not a Chinese company, if you read below you might be surprised to find that it’s not even an American company either, but a little bit North of the United States.

Where Are Dalstrong Knives From?

Dalstrong Inc is based in Toronto Canada, but the knives they create are manufactured in Yangjiang, China.

I can imagine that once your bias was confirmed as being “China” you weren’t surprised. There is quite a deal of logic behind the location though.

Yangjiang is the unofficial capital of knives and scissors and the area is reported to sell over 70% of all knives and sends 85% of the worlds knives from its base of operations. Dalstrong has chosen Yanjiang to manufacture their top quality knives their because the craftsmanship that leaves the factories are top of the range.

Who Owns Dalstrong Knives?

Dave Dallaire is the current CEO and founder of Dalstrong, at the time of writing he is still in charge and his vision is what’s grown it into the global company it is today.

They have warehouses in Canada, USA, UK and are tipped to be opening one in Europe (Keep your eyes peeled for this one!)

With continued Y-o-Y growth you can expect some high quality craftsmanship. In all honesty Dalstrong have some of the coolest collection of knives I’ve ever seen.

Original Image: Annihilator

The Annihilator, which is aptly named, is just one example of the creative designs the minds at HQ come up with.

What Type Of Steel Does Dalstrong Use?

They use a variety of different types of steel in their products. some the different types are as follows:

  • HC (High Carbon) German ThryssenKrupp Steel
  • Japanese AUS-10V Steel
  • High Carbon 7CR17MOV-X Steel
  • American BD1N-VX Steel
  • Japanese AUS-8 Steel
  • High Carbon 9CR18MOV Steel

Depending on the Series, a different type of steel is used. Two examples are the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series. These sets use the High Carbon 7CR17MOV-X Steel, this is what gives it the outstanding colour and also gives a different approach to treatment when it’s nearly ready to be dispatched.

The Dalstrong Delta Wolf Series uses High Carbon 9CR18MOV Steel. So it’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to material choice.

What Blade Angles Does Dalstrong Use When Making Knives?

Another example of not the one size fits all approach to design. As a rule of thumb, most Western crafted knives have an angle of about 20 degrees each side with an overall angle of 40 degrees.

As Western foods are heavier and are more fibrous this angle is a standard for most manufacturers to adhere to.

Asian manufactured blades however, tend to have a smaller angle created, usually 15 degrees on one side for a total of 30 degrees overall.

There are differences in the bevels and again, this is dependant on the job the knife is designed to carry out. For a more comprehensive look at the angles of chef’s knives and the jobs each one is designed for take a look at our post dedicated to the semi mathematical world of angles.

How To Tell If My Knife Is Genuine?

It’s a sad fact that people are trying to steal others success to make a living. By creating sub par products that look similar, they create a bad customer experience and a potentially dangerous environment.

In general, people are extremely happy with their Dalstrong products. I did an analysis of over 2,000 different kitchenware products and they have some of the highest rated products I could find.

The best way to ensure your purchase is genuine is just to go to them directly. There are times where it’s cheaper to go to Dalstrong direct, some of the knives and sets can be quite expensive so you should exercise caution when buying from a 3rd party place such as Amazon or eBay.

How Good Are Dalstrong Knives?

It’s difficult for me to tell you how good they are without actually brandishing one (Anyone at Dalstrong 👀 If you want to send me one I’ll gladly do a proper review on them)

The proof is in the sales though, and the customer reviews. That’s not even mentioning how fantastic they look. Sometimes being flashy isn’t enough, take the dalstrong obliterator for example.

They’re not currently on sale on Amazon, not that I could find at the time of writing, but the website has 236 reviews:

  • 201 (85%) are 5 stars
  • 22 (9%) are 4 stars
  • 13 (6%) are 3 stars

Weighted out the 5 star ratings are smashing it. Not a single 1 or 2 star review on the page.

Does Dalstrong Make Good Knives?

Simple put, I think they make great knives. Just by looking at them, they’ve dared to aim above normal expectations. Not just with the blade and the construction that happens with every knife that leaves the factory.

What Dalstrong Series Is Best?

There’s a few ways we can go and look into this one. There’s always haters. But it they fanbase love their Dalstrong Gladiator Series or their Ronin or Valhalla Series, it’s up to personal preference and budget.

I’ll take a dive into a Series Battle based on the websites prices and reviews and see if there’s a clear difference. I’ll implement basic things such as Sale Price, review count, total reviews.

Might even dig into a bit Machine Learning and drag out some sentiment analysis and correlate it. That’d be pretty cool.

Dalstrong Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s knife is as useful as it comes. Capable of tackling most cooking related tasks it’s one of the most purchased utensils in a chef’s arsenal.

These guys make high carbon stainless steel kitchen knives that are just as versatile as any other. When you go direct you can choose between a style, Japanese or Western inspired blades.

Click the button to see other information regarding the Dalstrong Frost Fire Series, the Dalstrong Shogun Chef Knife and the Dalstrong Gladiator Chef Knife.

This company has a truly exquisite range of knives as mentioned above so if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck and impress your friends or you need a new tool then you’re in luck.

Original Images: Chef’s Knives

Dalstrong Shogun Series X

The Shogun series is inspired from Japanese history. It was one of their first strays into a different style and worked really well, i could find reviews back from 2017 so this set has been around a while and not going anywhere.

Adding some beautiful touches to some already great hardware opened them up to new audiences.

The Shogun was the title given to the military leader of Japan back in the 11th Century, they overthrew the emperor and various clans held the title until 1868 when it was abolished.

Shogun is not to be confused with a Samurai who were clan leaders warriors, they were honorable servants who took great pride in obeying their master, especially in battle. A masterless Samurai is known as a Ronin.

Original Images: Shogun Series

shogun series button

Dalstrong Phantom Series

The Dalstrong Phantom series comes in a purple and blue box packaging. This gives off the darkness within the blades. I’m not saying they’ve been infused with evil, that would just be stupid.

It’s a western take on a Japanese idea that includes some serious Japanese hardware.

Some of the knives that will appear in the next section, in more detail will be:

  • 6 Piece Knife Set
  • Chef’s 8 inch Knife
  • Cleaver 9″
  • Kiritsuke 9.5 Chef’s Knife
  • Santoku Knife 7″

Original image Source: Phantom Knife Series


For more chef’s knife or to look at more in the series, we’ll be adding more categories as we go along to make sure you’ve got all the information present.

We’ll be putting up posts about the lifecycle of a knife, what they’re made of and we’ll see about getting some choice words from a few of the staff members so we can find out their favourites amongst the bunch.

Don’t miss out on them. As always all links on this page go directly back to Dalstrong in support of their work.

If I were to get my hands on some of the stunning ware they have on offer I’be be able to do you all a nice review and keep things honest.