Dalstrong Shogun Series – Superb Quality

Dalstrong Shogun Series

The Dalstrong Shogun Series isn’t just a collection of a few knives. There are a vast array of different utility blades available. I’ll cover the  4 top chefs knives we have to offer in this article but if you wish to see the available range for your country then have a click the button below.

NameWeightConstruction TypeDimensionsRockwell Hardness
Dalstrong Chefs Knife272gDamascus 67 Layers42.9 x 11.2 x 2.3 cm62+
Dalstrong Santoku Knife240gDamascus 67 Layers31 x 4.6 x 0.2 cm62+
Dalstrong Small Chefs Knife160gDamascus 66 Layers40.4 x 10 x 3.8cm62+
Dalstrong Paring Knife136gDamascus 66 Layers25.9 x 1.8 x 6.6 cm62+

Dalstrong Shogun Series Chefs Knife

The Dalstrong Shogun Series Chefs Knife is one of the most loved knives on the market, why else would you be searching for it?

dalstrong chefs knife

With a balance that can ensure precise cutting dimensions and a sharpness even a surgeon would be proud of it’s medium cost means it can claim its place as one of the all time greats of the cooking world.


  • Incredibly Sharp,
  • Fantastic Value for Money,
  • Ideal For Anyone


  • Just Wont Cut It With Smaller Jobs,

With this Dalstrong Shogun Series Chefs Knife, it’s all about the versatility of it. Chefs knives are commonly used for the daily kitchen tasks, it’s multi-purpose skills means it’s good at everything you throw at it rather than excelling at any one given task.

FYI don’t go peeling stuff with it, that’s for the Paring Knife…

Dalstrong Shogun Series Santoku Chefs Knife

The Dalstrong Santoku kitchen knife is another firm fan favourite. Designed with dimples it makes for beautiful slices.

dalstrong shogun santoku chefs knife

When is the best time to use a Santoku knife? Anytime vegetables, fruit, fish or boneless meat are involved. Most things can be prepared successfully with a Santoku knife because its wide blade makes even cutting more consistent and easier.

This bad boy is vacuum heat treated Japanese super steel cutting core  ensures extraordinary performance and edge retention. The interior steel is sandwiched between 66 layers of premium high-carbon stainless steel, resulting in exceptional strength, durability and stain resistance.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Another Great All Rounder


  • Not As “Damascus” As Some People Would Like

Dalstrong Shogun Series Small Chefs Knife

There could be a few reasons why you’d want a smaller version of the chef’s knife.

Maybe you have small hands? It could be that you just don’t have the required space for a full sized knife? Maybe not because it’s a present for a child.

The difference in size would help when it comes down to being precise. Being smaller and weighing less it’s an obvious point that it would be easier to handle.

It also looks pretty good with it’s signature tsunami rose pattern and if you’re going for the full set then you’ll need it in your collection.

Wondering what you can use this little wonder for? Well vegetables wont be any match for it and meats certainly wont stand a chance against it’s 67 layered Damascus steel sharpness.

It’s also vacuum heat treated to give it some serious edge retention and stain resistance.


  • Versatile Enough For Beginners,
  • Would Suit As A Starter Knife


  • Requires Good Up Keep

Dalstrong Shogun Series Paring Knife

Another fine example of why bigger isn’t always better.

It’s the finer things in cooking that mean the most sometimes.

dalstrong shogun series paring knife

You will almost definitely use this intricate piece of art for skinning. It’s uses wouldn’t stretch past getting seeds out of peppers or if you’re a sea food lover then de-veining shrimp would be a tough task without one of these.

The dalstrong shogun series paring knife was designed to be as versatile as possible for it’s size and vegetables for chopping fall in it’s presence. Slicing tougher veggies like sweet potato is also a great way to get your moneys worth from this piece of craftsmanship.

Any purchase comes with superior packaging and as with all the shogun series kitchen knives, it comes with and equally nice guard.


  • Brilliant Value For Money,
  • Very Cheap Compared To Chefs Knives,
  • Great Kitchen Knife Starter


  • Just Wont Cut It With Bigger Jobs,
  • May Not Be Suitable To Be In A Kitchen On It’s Own

Dalstrong Shogun Series Bread Knife

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a bread knife is solely limited for the use of slicing up that delicious baked yeast we all love to eat.

But as it happens, the dalstrong shogun series bread knife goes that extra step further. Try a pineapple or butternut squash and see how it fares out.

dalstrong shogun series bread knife

Being serrated it has the unique ability among the knife family to be able to easily tear through a lot of objects with ease. They are designed to be very sharp but instead of crushing food and breaking through that way the blade can cut in both directions in a nice clean fashion.

Being Dalstrong, it’s a great knife to look at. And if you are going for a collection then it will be a great addition.

If you are however looking for that extra bit of help then this is always the way to go.


  • Can Do Certain Jobs Exceptionally Well,
  • Great Design to Stop Knuckle Hitting Level While Slicing


  • Just Wont Cut It With Smaller Jobs,
  • May Not Be Suitable To Be In A Kitchen On It’s Own

All in all Dalstrong is a strong performer, visually stunning features that may not quite match up to a professionals standards but will see a home cooker proud on all fronts and will possibly be the best knife purchase you make if you only choose the one.

Dalstrong Knife Construction

All the knives featured in the shogun series are 66+ layers of Damascus Stainless Steel. This hard, compact amount of steel provides every blade to be hard, durable, and sharp.

Heat Treating them in a vacuum also gives an added layer of protection against bacteria and keeps them easy to clean.

Not dishwasher friendly. It’s not advisable to wash any chef’s knives in the dishwasher anyway so treat them nicely and hand wash.

Keeping The Blade Sharp

As with everything, if you want it to last you do need to look after it. Each knife comes with a blade guard to keep the cutting edge safe while it’s in a drawer. Not just from your wary fingers as you look for some chop sticks. but to save the edge from other things that might chip into it.

Adding a knife sharpener to your kitchen accessories is also a brilliant idea if you want to keep your new little betsie in tip top condition!

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