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Top Global Knives of 2021 – 5 Awesome Knives

You’re in luck! Today you’ve found the top global knives that I could find for sale.

What drives a chef to be a great user of knives, perhaps by using great knives? If you inquire, what makes a fine meal, well my answer will be again a great knife.

Why would we show you top global knives?

A good quality knife indeed makes a chef comfortable. Trust is all you want, especially while cooking. When you trust your knife that it won’t miss its mark, then everything goes perfect.

Knives all depend on the handgrip of the user, which must fit thoroughly into their hands to work more accurately with it. Chopping, slicing, formally dicing diverse foods requires a proper knife. You may have experience just merrily cutting and hacking at things, but you can’t get any better with cooking if you don’t have better tools.. 

After considerable consultation and much research, we have brought exquisite knives that we call Global Chef knives. The global cook’s knife is a razor sharp knife that can handle any job in your kitchen. Whether you are cutting food or meat, you won’t feel any difference in it. 

Global 35th Anniversary Special Edition Pro Chef’s Knife with 19cm Fluted Blade – Cromova 18 High Carbon Stainless Steel

Global 35th-anniversary special edition pro chef’s knife is one of the best manufacturers of global edition. It is a super sharp blade with a super handle.

top global knives 19cm chef knife

The best thing about the global 35th-anniversary special; edition knife is that it is very lightweight. The lightweight makes it very comfortable in hands. The bevelled to it is very narrow and very acute angle is one of the reasons for its sharpness.

Global 35th-anniversary special edition pro chef’s knives comprise high carbon stainless steel. The 18 high carbon stainless steel makes everything easy. The acute 15cm cutting edge makes sure that it remains sharp. This is one of the best global paring knives that you can get. 


  • The 18 High Carbon Steel provides an aesthetic value to the knife
  • It is very durable and long-lasting


  • Some feedback showed bending, but that is an infrequent case.

Global GF-35 Chef’s Knife, 30 cm

It is a 30 cm long beauty that brings cheffing into the limelight. The Global GF-35 is one of the highly-rated global chef knives, it has a perfect edge.

top global knives chef knife

It’s made with Japanese steel and the size of the Global GF-35 has a great size. This knife makes every slices piece, sliced perfection. 

The Global GF-35 has 18 stainless steel. It is one of the most rigid knives in global manufacturers. The hollow weight handle works perfectly with an excellent grip.

It has a standard global design, so there is no doubt about it. Global GF-35 is a professional knife so buy it for your quick kitchen stuff. 


  • Beautiful, sharp design
  • Rust resistant


  • The handle may create a problem for small hands.

Global GF-33 Chef’s Knife, 21 cm

If you want a perfect knife for every kitchen task, a global GF-33 chef knife is the best alternative you can get. It is not one of those knives which are made for only professionals.

You can easily use it in your home kitchen. The drop-forged blade makes the knife sharp. The Japanese blade takes the global GF-33 knife into the most workable knives. 

top global knives

The global GF-33 knife comprises a 21 Cm blade. It is a perfect size for ordinary use as well as for professional use. Whether you cut meat or vegetables, you won’t feel any difference.

This is one of the ideal choices for many chefs and you will be delighted with the best global chefs knives, the GF-21. 


  • It is a professional and everyday chefs knife
  • Very easy to sharpen


  • The edges can get damaged easily 

Global CM729 Ni Oriental Chef’s Knife, 20 cm

If you want perfectly balanced precision while you use a knife, the Global CM 729 Ni Oriental Chef’s knife is ideal for it. It has sleek, sharp edges with a sharp design that is forged with excellent engineering.

This chef’s knife is a complete joy to use, everything you cut with it will feel like butter. 

global chefknives

Global Ni oriental is an excellent product of the global edition. It feels alive in your hands. It is not that heavy. You can lift it and move it very quickly. It is 210g which is ideal for every experience.

The hollow weighted handle of Global Ni Oriental provides excellent comfort. This Japanese blade will never disappoint you, it’s one of the best Global chefs knives for your kitchen. 


  • Fabulous Japanese design
  • Lightweight


  • It is not for beginners

Global 3 Piece Knife Starter Set (G-2,GS-5,GSF-15)

Are you looking for some essential knives for your home kitchen? Well, there it is. The Global three-piece knife starter set contains global G-2 GS-5 and GSF-15.

This is the all rounder set that you need for your kitchen. As the global always pursues the best quality materials of this set as well. All three knives are of excellent quality which performs very well in every situation. 

top global chef knives 3 set pack

The global G2 is a paring knife that is very handy in many daily routines. You can use it for cutting, slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables without any trouble. The Global GS-5 is the best global vegetable knife.

You can easily cut down any vegetable into perfect pieces. The Global GSF15 is a professional knife used to chop, slice and dice your meats into any shape your imagination can come up with.

All you need is the global three-piece knife starter set for your home. You will never find better global chef knives than the global three-piece knife starter set. 


  • Best home knives set
  • Looks great in the kitchen 


  • The G-2 sometimes bends.


A chef always requires better sharpeners to sharpen their knives. But when you are getting knives that don’t need any sharpeners, you only use them in your kitchen. All these knives that we have mentioned are of top quality. Global chef’s knives always created and forged some excellent quality knives. Many master chefs admire them. If you want for yourself, click on their links and order the best one for yourself. Believe me, and you will enjoy it. 

Chiefly when anyone leads into the kitchen, they invariably look for the knives. After they have a knife, they perhaps start their cooking from it. In particular, you need an excellent knife for your cooking. The Global chef’s knife is recommended by top chefs worldwide for any work like peeling, filleting, dicing, chopping, cubing, slicing. Everything you do with global knives will be like a piece of cake in front of you. 

Today we have brought 5 knives right in front of you. These are the top global chef’s knives of 2021, in my humble opinion. Each of them is ideal for your kitchen so choose the best one according to you.

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