Japanese Knives – An Uber Guide

Welcome one, welcome all. Here we have everything you’d want to know about Japanese knives.

To start off with, it’s always going to be best to go over a brief history lesson first. Japanese history is a long bloody one. The Japanese were at war with each other for over 700 years of almost non-stop fighting.

The Beginning Of History

Japanese knives arguably come from Japanese swordsmen, it’s something that was created for showmanship and status but now in the most peaceful moments of Japan’s history, they are a work of art.

The history of swordmakers has been passed down and now some of the world’s best blades can be considered of Japanese origin. Some of them look just incredible.

Sword History

One of the most well-known Japanese swords in the katana, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t actually heard of one. Even if you took a wild stab at a guess you’d probably get it quite close.

The Katana is one of the more well-known swords but there are plenty more that the Japanese made.


A sword with a curved blade that was longer than 60cm. The swords could be longer and had no real upper limit to how long they could be but generally speaking, they were shorter than 90cm.

They were developed from a Sasuga which was a kind of Tanto blade. Worn with the blade edge facing upwards in the sash. The Katana became the mainstream sword replacing the Tachi from the 15th Century.



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