Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon Knives – The Ultimate Guide

Kuhn Rikon knives are part of the parent company Kuhn Rikon, they do make some really good quality things, today though, I’ll be focussing on the knives division and showcasing as many of the knives that they do in one big place.

Let’s get down to it!

How good are Kuhn Rikon Knives I hear you ask? I saw in the blurb you know not of them?

In the culinary world they are a bit of a lesser known brand, but have been in business for nearly a hundred years. Just before the war started.

Kuhn Rikon mix affordability with safety and style. Its got to be said that these will be some of the most colourful things you’re about to see in the kitchen.

Mezzaluna Knife

To kick start the guide off I’d like to make a slight detour from what you might be thinking. If you had chefs knife in mind already then don’t be disappointed.

This bad boy slices up pizzas!

Not a great deal of people know what a mezzaluna knife is and thats essentially what it is, a pizza knife.

The handle is made of tough plastic, so you can give that pizza what it deserves.

The blade is Japanese stainless steel and comes with a safety sheath, for safety obviously.

There is the possibility of getting a cheaper mezzaluna knife, but not by much, if you want a seamless kitchen check out the rest of the guide and start a collection!

Kuhn Rikon Colori+ 3 Piece Knife Set

The Colori+ is a non stick stainless steel set that feature ultra sharp, hand-ground Japanese stainless steel blades. That are meticulously manufactured for the best results.

The colours on sale are red, teal and purple as seen in the image.

kuhn rikon knives

You get pretty much everything you need in a kitchen knife set, a small serrated edge knife, a paring knife and a chefs knife.

All three of these can serve as a basic utility operations kit for those going into kitchen combat.

Kuhn Rikon Funky Fruity Paring Knife

Imagine having a paring knife that you could spot from the other end of the galaxy? It’s not that bright, but you catch the metaphor though right?

These paring knives come in a bunch of fruity flavours and would be a cool addition to a kitchen, perhaps even a present for that wannabe chef you know?

kuhn rikon knives colori+ paring knife

See what I mean? These brightly coloured fruit destroyers will have you slicing up a pear in no time! It’s not like you’ll be able to lose it in a drawer or anything!

Kuhn Rikon Non-Stick Bread And Baguette Knife With Safety Sheath

Self declared as the ultimate bread knife, Kuhn says that this will slice even the thickest of crusts.

I love that word crusts. Makes me think of fresh warm bread with melted butter on, oh its glorious!

It features an easy grip ergonomic handle that helps you maximise leverage and prescision.

Why Choose Kuhn Rikon?

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