Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife – A Great Kitchen Companion

Welcome one welcome all! Today I present to you the range of Zelite infinity chef’s knife.

I’m going to start this post by going into the small variations of chef’s knives that are made by zelite, so without further adieu let’s get the post rolling.

Chefs Knife

Zelite offers a wide range of kitchen apparel and what better way to start it off than with your regular everyday chef’s knife.

What Makes A Chefs Knife a Chefs Knife?

Chef’s knives are typically about 8 inches long with a standard blade width. These are the staple diets of a chef’s toolset. They’re one of the most commonly manufactured items for kitchen use.

The main feature they have is the sharp point and razor-like edge that has a slight curve on it. This curve allows a cook to execute a rocking motion you’ll tend to see when they’re furiously slicing up vegetables and the likes.

zelite infinity chefs knife with features
A Typical Chefs Knife

The curved blade is specially designed for a rocking motion. It gets the name because it is designed to do just that. From the tip, the heel, cutting the desired foodstuff in the middle of the blade.

When this technique is used there’s always one point of the knife in contact with the chopping surface at all times. This is separately a completely different technique used when using a Santoku knife, which is designed primarily for slicing in one backward motion.

With a zelite infinity chef’s knife, you get the peace of mind that the guys behind the ergonomic design have done everything they can to make it a great fit for you and your kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, the chef’s knife usually comes in at about 8 inches, there are a few other lengths available though. Depending on your personal preference, 7 inches and 10 inches are also available. Check out the links below to have a look-see.

As a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, I may get a small fee if you decide to make a purchase. If not then no worries, it’s all good.

Nakiri Chef’s Knife

It’s hard to see how a Nakiri can be called a chef’s knife when it is so different. Resembling more of a Santoku knife than a traditional chef’s knife.

zelite infinity chef's knife nakiri style blade
Awesome looking Nakiri knife

This looks more like a cleaver than a chef’s knife, but it does make a strong case to be called a zelite infinity chef’s knife.

If you’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant you’ll have more than likely seen the chef using a Nakiri knife. These knives look outstanding and make for great presents for those would-be chefs you might know harboring the urge to make something beautiful.

A Nakiri knife is usually 6 inches long. This gives the user a much higher degree of control over the cuts they make.

The main difference is the blade. A Nakiri knife will sit flat on a chopping board. A chef’s knife can rock back and forth on the curved surface of the blade’s edge.

The Nakiri is used for up and down slicing. Got long thin vegetables that need some precision cutting? Fret not dear reader for this is the perfect knife for making shapes out of things like celery, carrots, etc. I’m sure you get the picture by now.

Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife

Not gonna lie, the Kiritsuke knife looks badass. If you had one of these in your hand people would certainly know that you mean business.

zelite infinity chef's knife kiritsuke
One badass chef’s knife

Traditionally these knives are used by executive chefs, but don’t let that put you off! Their learning curve is quite difficult. And their usage is significant so it’s seen as a symbol of status.

Invite some people over. Let them watch you make short work of any kind of food and you can quote me on the above. They’ll be figuratively eating out of your hands. Not that you’d want them to do that anyway.

The Kiritsuke is a Japanese slicing knife that is primarily used for thinly slicing vegetables, fish, and fruits.

If you’re going to get a zelite infinity chef’s knife here are some tips for you to practice. They’ll help get your skill levels up a bit.

Use the tip of the knife for cutting. Japanese chefs tend to use the tip of their knives a lot more than Western chefs do. You’ll need to use the tip of the knife to make very precise clean slices.

Use the knife to pull in an upward motion towards yourself and then push away and down from you. Unless you specifically buy a curved blade there won’t be as much of the rocking motion associated with traditional chef’s knives.

Check out these super stylish Kiritsuke knives. As mentioned previously. I’m a member of the Amazon affiliate program. If you do decide to make a purchase, I’ll make a small fee on the side. If you just want to check it out then that’s fine with me too.

Lets Explore The Evolution Of The Chefs Knife

There’s never been a better time in history to be able to go out and try new food cultures. They are everywhere nowadays. You can find some of the furthest corners of your glode on an app near you.

Thinking about the explosion in food culture, there has never been so much innovation in the kitchen. Zelite infinity chef’s knives are no exception. Coming along with different types of food there are different styles of cooking:


An obvious one to start with but the Japanese do make some really good food. With regular foodstuffs such as fish and vegetables, they require knives like the Nakiri and Kiritsuke.

The chef’s knife is a more modern version of these types of knives. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Japanese kitchen without one.


Some would say the French are masters of fine dining. A chef’s knife is named after the chef. It’s a short form of the phrase “Chef de cuisine” meaning chief of the kitchen.

Possibly every cook in France would use a chef’s knife. It’s in their blood.


Another European culture powerhouse is known for its delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas are the Italians. The Italians tend to use a lot of herbs to inject plenty of flavor into every dish.


The Asians will always be a good choice for most people when it comes to trying a new culture’s food. And the Chinese are a fond favorite for most people.

A Chinese chef’s knife is less of a cleaver. They tend to be quite light so they can be used for slicing and dicing.

In The Beginning

There were cavemen. You heard me right, cavemen used to hack away at bits of flesh with pieces of flint. Roughly around 3000 BCE (Before Common Era, also known as BC) people started forging swords.

It’s from this splinter of reality that knives started to be created.

The Start Of A New Empire

This is how we end up in Germany. The modern era of producing chef’s knives can be traced all the way back to 1731. A man named Peter Henkel would stumble across what would be the beginning of a knife empire.

I bet you didn’t see the Germans coming out of this one, did you?

Despite what we think of like a French creation it was the Germans who technically created the niche you see before you.

The French did play a huge part in influencing how they are now known to be though.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. If you want more history, feel free to check out a post dedicated to Japanese knives.


Zelite Infinity Series – Alpha Royal

Zelite Infinity Series

The Zelite Brand is considered to be a known name in the cooking world and they bring to us the Zelite Infinity Series of Kitchen Knives. With hundreds times more reviews on Amazon than any other manufacturer they truly do go that one step further.

They honestly believe that a knife isn’t just for Christmas as they all come with a 15 year warranty or your money back! Now that’s putting some serious faith into your products.

Many of the knives in this range are actually a lot cheaper than brands such as Dalstrong or Global and also have a price range similar to Wusthof but just have such a huge fan base it’s difficult to ignore.

Introducing Zelite Infinity – Alpha Royal Series

The Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Series of Kitchen knives is certainly one to behold. They look kind of similar to the Dalstrong Shogun Series but are, as in the name more “Elite” Check out the table below to compare the knives i’ll cover.

NameWeightDimensionsHardnessNo. Of Layers
Utility Knife
141g27 x 2 x 2.6 cm6166
Paring Knife59g20 x 1.6 x 1.2 cm6167
Chefs Knife227g32.9 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Santoku Knife281g31.8 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Bread Knife281g32.9 x 2.4 x 4.5 cm6167
Boning Knife141g27 x 2 x 2.6 cm6167

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Utility Knife

Setting the new standard for kitchen knives, Zelite have crafted the Petty utility knife, adding any style and refinement to any kitchen.

The petty knife is similar in style to a paring knife but more a traditonal style Japanese knife, slightly larger but commonly used for the same things.

Made from “Ultra Premium Japanese Steel” You’ll understand why these knives come at somewhat of a cost. Bust still not the most expensive knives out there. You do get what you pay for and with this knives superb edge retention, you wont be sharpening every day.

As with all the knives in the Zelite Infinity Series, the handles are triple riveted and are comprised of a military grade material to give you a proper feel of what you’re doing.


  • Superior Quality,
  • One of the cheaper knives in the range


  • May only last up to 4 months before it requires sharpening

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Paring Knife

The paring knife, like it’s Japanese cousin the petty utility knife is used for the smaller, more precise tasks in the kitchen.

zelite infinity series paring knife

With it.s short, sharp blade, peeling and getting seeds from peppers is a laughable task in the face of this destroyer of vegetables.

This baby is razor sharp and has a 4 inch spear point on it with a non stick blade to make sure you can get the most done out of your cooking. Made from 66 layers of Damascus steel, its one of the strongest blades in the infinity range.

The Zelite infinity paring knife is liquid nitrogen tempered ensuring long lasting cutting performance.


  • Superior Quality,
  • One of the cheaper knives in the range,
  • Unrivalled accuracy


  • Looks flashy,
  • Could be too small to use for a lot of things

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Chefs Knife

Not only will people be wowed by your pretty sweet cooking, they’ll be in awe at the sheer beauty of this zelite infinity chefs knife. The alpha royal series has made this into a very desirable blade indeed.

zelite infinity chefs knife

Made from premium imported AUS-10 Japanese steel, this 67 layered Damascus has a triple riveted handle which is what sets it apart from it’s rivals!

Ergonomically designed with a finger guard, safety is a key feature for this super sharp 8 inch beast!

The zelite infinity series has a flagship knife and this is it. For most of your kitchen tasks this knife can excel, it wont let you down.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife

Here is another fine example of what this brand can achieve. The zelite infinity santoku knife stands head and shoulders above the rest looks wise, and it performs too!

zelite infinity santoku chefs knife

It has minimal slicing resistance, satisfying heft, full tang & premium materials! Also liquid nitrogen tempered to give it a rock hard finish that also protects from staining.

Although heavier, the added width at the top of the blade means that getting through those tougher things are now no problem, the dimples across the side give it that non stick part to what you would come to expect from the zelite infinity series.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Alpha Royal Bread Knife

The bread knife, how simple a blade that would be overlooked in so many kitchens. But this zelite infinity series bread knife can make light work of even pineapples and tough fruits just like it.

zelite infinity bread knife

So not just for bread.

But if you do like making your own bread or like cooking up fruit salads etc then this is an addition you would be proud to own.

The blade depth is larger than most bread knives you’ll come across, and zelite have made using this one pleasurable experience.

Made from high grade high carbon steel, this bread knife is corrosion resistant so if you are chopping fruits your knife is gonna last.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic utility knife for most occasions,
  • Looks amazing


  • Could be an expensive knife for beginners

Zelite Infinity Alpha Royal Boning Knife

If you’re a fish lover then the zelite infinity series boning knife will definitely be at hand to step in and give you a hand with things.

zelite infinity boning knife

The boning knife has a much thinner blade than most knives, giving it the ability to slide through meats with bones allowing you to prepare perfect meat every time.

The curved tip of the blade allows for an enhanced single pass cut when dealing with soft meats.

The boning knife has a blade edge of 12-15 degrees giving you the maximum advantage when butchering your meats. This little baby would be perfect to accompany you on a camping trip, for all those who love to forage.


  • Superior Quality,
  • Fantastic value for money,
  • Excellent for fish lovers


  • Suitable for seasoned cooking skills

Why you should have bought these already

The zelite infinity series – alpha royal is a superb looking set of knives. They simply ooze style.

While you will have to pay for them in terms of somewhat steep costs, they will look after you in the kitchen.

These knives have hundreds upon hundreds of 5 star ratings on amazon. Hundreds of people couldn’t be wrong could they?

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