The Most Expensive Chef Knife – 5 That Are Worth It

Finding the most expensive chef knife is a relatively straightforward task. You’ve already done the leg work to get here.

It’s now my job to show you why each one on the list is worth it though. If you’re going to be parting with some hard-earned cash then I’d better make a good case for it.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a bar chart showing the scale of money I’m talking about.

graph of the most expensive chef knife

The Most Expensive Chef Knife I Can Find

The most expensive chef knife on the list is actually a set of knives so I’m considering it a special mention. Check it out at the end of the post.

So the first item on the list is the most expensive. Naturally, it’s Japanese.

Sayumi Burnished Mirror Finish Octopus

At just over £900 this is one of the most expensive chef knife I can find.

At 33cm long and a thickness of 4.3 at the back of the blade, you’d wonder where your money is going. Let me explain.

the most expensive chef knife i can find on amazon
Sayumi Mirror Finish

The blade is constructed from a Platinum Alloy, which is the reason why it’s so expensive.

Is platinum better than regular old stainless steel though?

Well first off, platinum is far more aesthetic for the majority of people. It’s a more attractive metal and its strength and durability make it a great material to make a knife with.

Under stress testing, Steel would come out as superior metal though. It’s an alloy that’s sole purpose in being created was to be one of the most durable resources on the planet.

But when it comes down to everyday items like the most expensive chef knife, thos stress tests wont even come close to what you need it for in the kitchen.

This knife will do an incredible job either way. Not only is it expensive, but it is pretty cool to wield too. It looks like a miniature Japanese sword, Tanto. The Tanto was used in the Japanese ritual seppuku, which was ritual suicide. Although this knife is not created for that reason, it does bare a resemblance to it.

If you decide to check this item out, click the button below to be taken to the store. I’m a participant of the Amazon affiliate program so if you decide to make a purchase, Amazon will pay me a small sum.

Next up on the list is…

Sago Blue Steel

Another entry from the same guys that made the Sayumi Octopus above.

Second, on the list is the Sago Blue Steel Bone cut 30 cm chef’s knife. It’s impressive to see two different knives on the most expensive chef’s knife top 5 made by the same people.

Goes to show you they know what they’re doing when it comes to master craftmanship.

This 30 cm full tang chef’s knife is made from Yasugi Blue steel. Yasugi steel was originally produced in Yasugi city. The factory is now owned by Hitachi but still produces this high-quality material.

The steel can be Yellow white or blue. In order, the best grade is blue, white, then yellow. Japanese knife makers tend to not use yellow as much. You can still get plenty of white steel knives but blue is the top-notch of them all.

Blue steel metal has excellent cutting performance and retains maximum sharpness. They are also fairly easy to sharpen.

One drawback to using blue steel is it has virtually no rust resistance so you will need to take extra care to keep it in its best shape.

Special Mention On The Most Expensive Chef Knife List

So this one isn’t exactly a singular chef’s knife. The special mention here is a complete set. But still, going by the price it would top the list for the most expensive chef knife if it was going to be included.

Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9 Piece Knife Block

This set is pretty special, to say the least. Not only for its beautiful appearance. But for the level of mastery behind its forging.

damashiro emperor the most expensive chef knife


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